Ten Structure

Ten Is Structured To Work Through Volunteers, Who Complete Cycles With Beneficiaries In Groups Of Tens As Follows:

Stage 1

The volunteer will engage in outreaches in impoverished areas to select ten (10) beneficiaries, who are breadwinners with up to five (5) dependents.

Stage 2

The volunteer will register the ten (10) beneficiaries on the TEN mobile application.

Stage 3

TEN will fund the startup of business for the ten (10) beneficiaries, with a grant of TEN Thousand Naira (N10,000.00) each.

Stage 4

The volunteer will monitor and assess the progress of the beneficiaries, while encouraging them to save at least five thousand Naira (N5,000) per month, for a period of six (6) months.

Stage 5

All beneficiaries who are shown to have saved five thousand Naira (N5,000) for six (6) months, will be awarded the second grant of thirty thousand naira (30,000), by TEN


The volunteer, again, encourages the monthly savings of five thousand Naira (N5,000) by the beneficiaries, with which he will set up a thrift collection system for them. This will afford every

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The Process

> Registration Of Beneficiaries

Volunteer selects and registers 10 beneficiaries who are breadwinners with 5 dependents.

> Training Of Beneficiaries

Volunteer organizes skills training for them

> 1st Funding By Ten (N10,00)

TEN funds the startup of the skilled trade with N10,000

> Mentoring Beneficiaries And Encouraging Savings 

Volunteers monitor and encourages beneficiaries to save at least N5,000 monthly for 6 months.

> 2nd Funding By Ten (N30,000)

Beneficiaries who are able to save at least N5,000 for 6 months, receive a N30,000 grant from TEN.

> Thrift Collection Funding (N50,000)

The monthly N5,000 savings are encouraged, with which the Volunteer sets up a 10-month thrift collection system for the beneficiaries. This provides each beneficiary with N50,000 within a 10 month period, for the purpose of business expansion.