What is Joint Church action (JCA)?

The vision of TEN is to provide training and financial empowerment for a minimum of 40 Million beneficiaries (Eight Million breadwinners who have up to five (5) dependents each). The organization will also establish local Empowerment Centers (ECs) in all seven hundred and seventy–four (774) local governments in Nigeria, with a minimum of two (2) ECs in each local government.

Our Vision

Perpetuating the relevance of the Church in Nigeria through joint philanthropy

Our Mission

Embarking on National Charity Projects that engages the youth.

Our Purpose

To change the narrative around the Gospel with regards to charity.

The Benefits of JCA


Joint Church Action will help to give the church good publicity and correct the prevalent mindset of many who believe the Church is indifferent to the plight of the populace.


Acting together as one, would impact our young people and keep their hearts in check regarding the church, so that the devil will not use the present narrative to turn their hearts away from the Gospel.


This church collaboration effort, will help to reach more non-believers who form a large chunk of those in extreme poverty with the Gospel.


This joint force against poverty, will foster unity in the church in Nigeria.

The Action

To act in collaboration with worthy national charity efforts as fundraisers, while leveraging on its influence through the pulpit, to bring about national transformation. We believe that the Government and private sectors cannot fight the battle of alleviating poverty alone. It is time for the church to play its part, and that is why we are here.

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